At PreciseHire we are very detailed in the work we do. We ensure that we fully understand and listen to the client’s requirements. We take our time to understand the client’s business, growth plans, strategy. This enables PreciseHire to have a full understanding of the expectations of management for any professional that they hire. The stakes are understandably higher for senior level and executive level positions. We will take the time to engage management on their hiring needs. This approach ensures that any candidate that we put forward for a placement is a precise fit for the business of the client. Before taking on any engagement for executive positions we ensure that we fully understand how the proposed hire fits into the overall strategy and business of the firm.

We also strive to understand the different work cultures within different companies and industries, this ensures that we make a conscious attempt to ensure that any prospective hire is a fit with the work culture in the organization. At the executive and senior management level many of the best professionals that are a fit for certain positions are not actively seeking other employment opportunities. It is therefore very difficult for quite a number of companies to commit the time and resources required to make a successful executive and senior management hire. We partner with our clients to ensure that they get access to the best passive candidates. We also ensure that we add value to their business by ensuring that they do not have to commit significant resources to hire executives and senior management staff.


Kelvin Soacey, HR Manager

I have to say that after your initial meeting with the Board we were very confident that you would deliver the right candidate, and this you have done. The whole process was handled by you in a very professional manner and your guidance and support from start to finish was invaluable.