Law Firms

With the increased economic activity in Africa and the inflow of foreign direct investment across different jurisdictions in Africa there is an increased demand for the hiring of transactional lawyers all across the different jurisdictions in Africa. There are a variety of project finance and infrastructure transactions and transactions in the extractive industries that have fueled this demand for transactional lawyers. The legal recruitment advisory business of Precisehire Associates is uniquely placed to assist law firms throughout Africa to hire the best legal talent available in the different jurisdictions throughout Africa. We have a database of international lawyers that are either African or doing African related work. We are able to source for and place lawyers in local, regional and international law firms throughout Africa. We can also assist international law firms who are building out their Africa practice from Dubai, London, Washington DC, or New York or any other international jurisdiction to source for and hire the legal talent that they require to execute their strategy.

Interim / Contract Attorneys

The use of interim and contract attorneys in Africa is not very popular. There is however the increased understanding that at times the in house legal teams require the services of experienced lawyers to work with them on an interim or contractual basis when they have a big projects or transactions that require a rapid turn-around time. Often times the resources available to in house legal teams are not enough to work on several projects at the same time and in such circumstance it becomes appropriate to hire an external lawyer to work in house on an interim contractual basis or as a contract attorney on a fixed term or interim basis.

Professional Support Staff

The practice of law in Africa has increasingly become much more sophisticated over the past decade. The law firms across the continent have invested heavily in technology and in the training of their lawyers to ensure that they can effectively compete in the new legal market in Africa. There has been a flurry of activity all over Africa, with some international law firms acquiring or entering into strategic alliances and relationships with local and regional firms. Some local law firms have also through a process of mergers and acquisitions; morphed into regional law firms. A lot of the local law firms in different jurisdictions have merged with other law firms in the jurisdictions to take advantage of economies of scale to ensure that that they have the manpower and technology in place to handle and advice on big transactions in their own jurisdiction.
Due to this disruption we have seen an increasing demand for Practice Managers, Business Development Managers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Financial Officers and Marketing Managers all across law firms in Africa. The firm has placed professionals in these different roles in Africa.


Paralegals, Law Clerks, Senior Secretaries that are highly experienced are also in demand due to the role technology has played in changing the speed at which lawyers and law firms and clients execute transactions and the transaction management process. There is an increasing realization that page formatting, document review are not activities that a transaction lawyer should spend a lot of time on since that time is better utilized to draft and negotiate transaction documents. Once the draft and corrections have been effected, the Paralegal / Senior Secretary should take over the responsibility for formatting, document review and document management under the supervision of the Transactional lawyer that is the lead on the project or transaction. A good paralegal or senior secretary will greatly increase the productivity of the in house lawyers and external legal counsel in managing transaction costs by taking over a lot of the responsibility for formatting and reviewing documents.


We also receive enquiries from international law firms and international companies who require lawyers from Africa to work with them in setting up their African practice. The jobs are usually international jobs outside Africa even though the focus of the work is in Africa. We are uniquely placed once again to assist law firms and companies hire the best talent available for the role due to the exclusive database of African lawyers that we have.